Richard Billingham at Chobi Mela


Richard Billingham – Artist’s Talk
Monday, 28 January, 7PM, Goethe-Institut

British photographer Richard Billingham is best known for his series Ray’s A Laugh, depicting and capturing the lives of his alcoholic father and obese mother during the 90s. In 2001, Billingham was shortlisted for the Turner Prize for his solo exhibition at Ikon Gallery. He is currently based in Swansea but travels throughout the world. He is a lecturer in Fine Art Photography at the University of Gloucestershire and a third year tutor at Middlesex University.

One reviewer noted about Billingham’s series Ray’s A Laugh: “Displayed in a line were scrungy photographs – poorly lit, blurry, oddly framed, made from crappy film stock … of scenes from a family life that cut through a century of posed studio portrait groups…Billingham’s images didn’t just evolve the genre; they smashed their way through to another kind of vérité encounter.


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