Pablo Bartholomew to Attend Chobi Mela



Pablo Bartholomew – In conversation with Shahidul Alam and Munem Wasif
Saturday, 26 January, 7PM

Pablo Bartholomew’s 70s & 80s – OUTSIDE IN – A Tale of Three Cities will be on view 25 January – 7 February at Chobi Mela

Indian photographer Pablo Bartholomew has been greatly influenced by his father, the art critic and photographer Richard Bartholomew. Experiencing photography from early on and learning from his father, Pablo won the World Press Photo award for his series Morphine Addicts in India (1975) at the age of 19 and the World Press Photo of the Year award for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy 9 years later. Among Bartholomew’s photo essays are The Chinese in CalcuttaThe Indians in America, and The Naga Tribes of Northeast India. His recent exhibition 70s & 80s – OUTSIDE IN – A Tale of Three Cities is a visual diary of his teenage work and debuted at the Rencontres d’Arles in July 2007. Bartholomew lives as an independent photojournalist in New Delhi, India.

My upbringing left me with the freedom to look at India with unattached engagement. It allows me not to be biased against caste, religion or regional points-of-view. Being not from any geographical location allows me to appreciate everyone and everything.” – Pablo Bartholomew

Visit Pablo Bartholomew’s website:


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