Nii Obodai to Attend Chobi Mela



Slide-show: African Photography – Curated by Nii Obodai and Bisi Silva
Sunday, 27 January, Goethe-Institut

Born in Accra, Ghana, Francis Nii Obodai Provencal is at ease with the vast and diverse world of his continent. His work mainly explores the urban and rural, not with a detached eye, but with an artist’s careful watching, with a strong interest in history and a love of the stories that abound in his world.

Nii Obodai is presently based in Ghana where he works and lives. He enjoys facilitating inspirational workshops on photography and continues to travel exploring and recording the vibrant essence of life. Nii Obodai has exhibited in Accra, Paris, Bristol, Den Haag, Amsterdam, and Bamako.

If you don’t play, your mind can’t grow. I started exploring photography because the image can be so much fun and the more I grew, the more I tended to perceive through photographs the special relationship between myself and Ghana, the country of my birth.  I grew up mostly in England and Nigeria so to consolidate my being, so to speak, my relationship with Ghana and myself became an implicit part of my photographic mission.” –Nii Obodai

Visit Nii Obodai’s website:


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