Help Promote Bangladesh

Drik has announced a new partnership with Crowdsourced Travel, the creation of Mikey Leung, who is the author of Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide.

Drik is supporting the publication of Positive Light, a new coffee table photography book sharing the beauty of Bangladesh with the rest of the world.



Participating Artists’ Press Agency – PAPA



The pictures on this website are taken in exploratory walks, or WildWalks. We do not follow a set route but allow ourselves to be drawn by what we see. We photograph the objects, situations and people that catch our eye. We don’t get seduced into trying to find a coherent line. We just keep collecting images until our concentration lapses, usually around 2-3 hours.  What we collect are details with a story. The way you look is important. You look either with a micro gaze or a macro gaze. You discover patterns by either completely zooming in or zooming out. In daily life we mostly use of mid-range gaze.  The PAPA way of looking, in which you zoom in on details or zoom out to the total picture, is easy to learn. 

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