The agonies of Shahbagh come to London


by Nick Cohen

The Shahbag junction in Dhaka has become Bangladesh‘s Tahrir Square. Hundreds of thousands of young protesters are occupying it and raging against radical Islamists. Even sympathetic politicians cannot control the movement. The protesters damn them as appeasers, who have compromised with unconscionable men. Continue reading →


Participating Artists’ Press Agency – PAPA



The pictures on this website are taken in exploratory walks, or WildWalks. We do not follow a set route but allow ourselves to be drawn by what we see. We photograph the objects, situations and people that catch our eye. We don’t get seduced into trying to find a coherent line. We just keep collecting images until our concentration lapses, usually around 2-3 hours.  What we collect are details with a story. The way you look is important. You look either with a micro gaze or a macro gaze. You discover patterns by either completely zooming in or zooming out. In daily life we mostly use of mid-range gaze.  The PAPA way of looking, in which you zoom in on details or zoom out to the total picture, is easy to learn. 

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Shahidul Alam’s message about Chobi Mela



Dear Friends,

The 7th edition of the Chobi Mela festival is less than 48 hours away. This time on Friday photographers and visitors from all corners of the world will gather at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy* to officially launch the two-week long festival in Dhaka.

The event calendar for the next two weeks is packed with exciting artist’s talks, thought-provoking discussions, intriguing presentations and much more. And that’s not including the 35 exhibitions that will be on view from 25th January to 7th February.

So pencil in all those dates after skimming over our events schedule.

We hope we will catch a glimpse of you at one of these events and cordially invite you to join us over the next two weeks!

*with their hearts already set on the infamous boat cruise. 🙂


For more details:






Live streaming of Key events:



Shahidul Alam

Chobi Mela is Coming to Town…

…and some of the invited artists are already here with us in beautiful and sunny Dhaka!



In spite of the heavy snow in Paris photographer Hai Zhang managed to get his flight and arrive safely in Bangladesh yesterday morning. Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide and Indian photographer Pablo Bartholomew are also already finding their way through  the hustle and bustle of the streets of Dhaka.

We now expect many more visitors and guests to arrive  over the next 48 hours.

Chobi Mela is certainly making sure that the next few days will be busy at Dhaka Airport!